31st October, 2018.

The famous leather supplier has been rescued after its parent company went into administration.

Saddlery workshop supplier Abbey England, along with Kilger Lederfabrik and another leather hide supplier, have acquired J & E Sedgwick and Co under equal partnership.

The acquisition came about after Sedgwicks’ parent company Clayton Leather Group went into administration earlier this month.

The three companies involved in the acquisition have between them more than 200 years’ experience in the leather industry.

Said managing director of Abbey England, Richard Brown: “We are very pleased that the future of J & E Sedgwick & Co is now secure and that we are able to help protect such an integral part of the Walsall and Black Country industrial heritage.”

• See upcoming issues of ETN for further news of this development for J & E Sedgwick & Co.


31st October, 2018.

The graduate who scooped the BETA Equine Thesis of the Year award on Sunday works for a well-known retailer.

Natalie Owen was the winner of the 2018 BETA (British Equestrian Trade Association) Equine Thesis of the Year title on Sunday (28 October).

The former Myerscough College student has already secured a job in the equestrian industry. She works for Lancashire based Internet retailer Supplement Solutions.

Natalie was rewarded with a cash prize and trophy for her thesis which investigates how leisure horses’ quality of life is judged.

This year’s final was contested by the top four students from an initial 12 entries from universities and colleges offering equine-related degree courses across the UK and Ireland.

Each finalist presented their undergraduate study to a panel of judges. The audience included members of the trade as well as academics and supporting friends and family.

The finalists for the 2018 BETA Equine Thesis of the Year were:

● Myerscough College – Natalie Owen (winner). Thesis: An Investigation into How Judgements are Formed Regarding Acceptable Quality of Life of Leisure Horses.

● Harper Adams University – Laura De'Ath. Thesis: An Investigation into Whether or Not Hay Nets as a Feeding Mechanism Induces Muscular Discomfort in Certain Cervical Muscles in the Horse.

● University of Limerick – Maureen Cunningham. Thesis: Validation of the RumiWatch System to Measure Chewing Activity of Horses on Restricted and Ad Libitum Feeding Systems.

● Writtle University College – Caitlyn Cuthbert. Thesis: The Effect of Isolation on Equine Behaviour, Heart Rate and Heart Variability While Exercised on a Horse Walker.

The judges were research consultant Dr Georgina Crossman, equine nutritionist Katie Williams, vet Karen Coumbe and ETN editor Liz Benwell.


31st October, 2018.

“We’d rather get them back, own the problem and sort it,” says spokesman for affected brand.

The Weatherbeeta Group in the UK and US has recalled all current models in its Collegiate saddles range.

“We’re bringing back all stock we’ve sold. There have been no incidents but we’d rather get them back, own the problem and sort it,” said Doug Walker, Weatherbeeta Group president for North America, Europe and the Middle East, told ETN.

The recall follows the detection of “some significant variations in an important component.”

The saddles are due to be inspected this week and, if necessary, repaired. Weatherbeeta has pledged to cover all costs. “Nobody will be out of pocket,” added Mr Walker.

The Weatherbeeta Group’s full statement is as follows:

“The Weatherbeeta Group in the UK and USA has initiated a recall for all the current models we have in in our Collegiate Saddles range. This is to conduct a precautionary inspection after some significant variations in an important component were detected. We take the quality and safety of our products extremely seriously and any potential defects of this nature are unacceptable to us. In the meantime, we have asked all our customers to stop using their Collegiate saddles and for retailers to take them off sale and return stock to us.

When the saddles are returned to us at Rushden [UK] and Edison [US], we will inspect them all (and our existing stock) and, if there are any defects, correct them and return them to available stock. We will undertake that inspection and correction as quickly and professionally as is necessary to ensure that when we return Collegiate saddles to sale, they are of the quality we stand behind.

Our decision to deal with this problem swiftly, professionally and openly will, we hope, underline our commitment to service. We believe in quality and will take the decisions necessary to protect our reputation. We also believe strongly in our brands - we believe in our bands and always take a long term view of their health. Collegiate will remain a high priority for us in the coming months and years regardless of these short term difficulties.

We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience this has caused to our retail customers and end users. We promise we will resolve the situation as swiftly as we can.”


26th October, 2018.

The store failed to ensure a qualified person oversaw sales of licensed products.

A North Yorkshire retailer has been warned to take more care about the way it sells animal medicines.

An improvement notice was issued to Settle based S Whitehead Farm Supplies by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) earlier this month.

The government agency discovered that the sale of POM-VPS and NFA-VPS products was not being carried out by a SQP [suitably qualified person]. These transactions were therefore in breach of the Veterinary Medicines Regulations (VMR).

Animal medicines in the POM-VPS category can only be prescribed by a vet, pharmacist or SQP. NVA-VPS products must be supplied by a vet, pharmacist or SQP.

In its improvement notice, VMD reminded S Whitehead Farm Supplies that an SQP must be present for the sale of all the POM-VPS and NFA-VPS products.

• ETN publishes regular features and quizzes to enable SQPs to earn the CPD points they need to maintain their qualification.


25th October, 2018.

Our trade was left reeling when the Countrywide retail chain failed leaving multi-million pound debts. ETN editor Liz Benwell muses on one way to bounce back.

Countryside’s demise – which ETN estimates cost the equestrian industry around £9 million - has taken a toll on our trade.

Add to that Brexit uncertainty, plus a predicted bad winter with high hay prices, and there’s definitely been a blip in confidence these past few weeks.

So what to do about it? Retailers cutting back on stocking new products will lose customers who will go elsewhere. And suppliers slashing marketing budgets will merely confirm suspicions that they’re having a hard time while restricting their reach to new trade customers.

Of course, reckless spending is foolhardy; but so is a failure to invest in the future. What’s needed are effective, value-for-money solutions. And permit me to offer one… make use of BETA International. Be selfish and milk it to your advantage.

It costs nothing for retailers to attend; while there’s still some stand space available, with great deals for new and emerging companies. You never know who you’ll meet, what you’ll see and how much you’ll learn at the NEC, Birmingham on 20 – 22 January.

Find out more at


22nd October, 2018.

Find out who will be assessing new products at BETA International 2019.

Two retailers are among the experts who will be judging the BETA International 2019 Innovation Awards.

The annual accolades, which are sponsored by BETA International’s official media partner - ETN, are presented in eight categories.

Judging will take place behind closed doors on Sunday, 20 January. The judges are:

● Steve Hodgson – co-owner of retailer Nags Essentials, King's Lynn, Norfolk.
● Kathryn Jaquet – managing director of retailer RB Equestrian, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.
● Catherine Rudenko – independent equine nutritionist of Equine Nutri Health
● Kay Hastilow – Master Saddler and SMS qualified saddle fitter.
● Liz Brown – equine vet specialising in performance horses.
● James Sommerville – Yorkshire-based international event rider.

“The Innovation Awards are highly prized throughout the industry, with the winning products going on to secure considerable acclaim,” said BETA International organiser Claire Thomas.

“Our judges always have a mammoth task on their hands. All aspects of a product must be considered and no stone is left unturned. The awards are hugely important, that's why it's essential that we have the very best people to judge them.”

BETA International Innovation Awards are open to all exhibitors. They are presented in the following categories: Country Clothing & Footwear, Feed & Supplements, General, Horsecare Equipment & (Horse) Clothing, Pet Products, Rider Clothing & Footwear, Saddlery & Tack and Safety & Security.

The winners will be announced at The Charles Owen Spotlight – BETA International’s new theatre - on Sunday, 20 January.

BETA International is the world's number one trade fair for equestrian, country clothing, outdoor and pet products. The 2019 show takes place at the NEC, Birmingham, UK, from 20 to 22 January. Visitor entry is free on registration at


22nd October, 2018.

The four studies to reach the finals of the BETA Equine Thesis of the Year have been revealed. Judging takes place this Sunday with students’ presentations open to the public.

The finals of the 2018 British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) Equine Thesis of the Year Award, are to be judged on Sunday (28 October).

The competition, a celebration of excellence in academic undergraduate study, received a record 12 entries from universities and colleges offering equine-related degree courses across the UK and Ireland.

In contention for the title of BETA Equine Thesis of the Year, plus cash prizes, are the following:

● Harper Adams University – Laura De'Ath. Thesis: An Investigation into Whether or Not Hay Nets as a Feeding Mechanism Induces Muscular Discomfort in Certain Cervical Muscles in the Horse.

● Myerscough College – Natalie Owen. Thesis: An Investigation into How Judgements are Formed Regarding Acceptable Quality of Life of Leisure Horses.

● University of Limerick – Maureen Cunningham. Thesis: Validation of the RumiWatch System to Measure Chewing Activity of Horses on Restricted and Ad Libitum Feeding Systems.

● Writtle University College – Caitlyn Cuthbert. Thesis: The Effect of Isolation on Equine Behaviour, Heart Rate and Heart Variability While Exercised on a Horse Walker.

Each student will present their thesis to a panel of expert judges during a reception at the De Vere Staverton Estate Hotel, near Daventry, Northamptonshire.

Presentations are open to the public and members of the academic community. Those wishing to attend should contact the BETA office in advance on telephone 01937 587062 or email

This year's final judges are: research consultant Dr Georgina Crossman, equine nutritionist Katie Williams, vet Karen Coumbe and ETN editor Liz Benwell.

“The level of undergraduate work submitted has been of a fantastically high standard once again,” said BETA executive director Claire Williams. “I know our first-round judges enjoyed reading their huge pile of theses on such an interesting and diverse range of topics – although selecting the finalists was no mean feat! However, they rose to the challenge and have identified four extremely strong candidates whom we wish the very best of luck and look forward to hearing their presentations on the day.”


22nd October, 2018.

Retailers urged to make the most of surge in demand for products that help reduce horses’ and dogs’ anxiety about fireworks.

With Bonfire Night just two weeks away, the nutrition team at TopSpec and VetSpec are encouraging stockists to make the most of the yearly upsurge in sales of products to help reduce anxiety and fear of loud noises.

Fireworks commonly blasting from 5 November until New Year’s eve has drawn out the potential for disturbance and upset animals.

“A good anti-anxiety supplement can make quite a dramatic improvement to the behaviour of anxious horses and dogs,” says nutrition director Nicola Tyler.

“Fireworks can be extremely frightening for horses and planning ahead is key. Whether stabled or in the field, owner should feed only low-starch products to help promote relaxed behaviour. Using a supplement to help relaxation provides additional focussed nutritional support.

“TopSpec Calmer, a feed additive for horses, has proven to be very successful at reducing or eliminating problems arising out of anxiety. It can be successfully fed only on the day that fireworks are expected but to be confident of getting a response from all the ingredients in the Calmer, we suggest introducing it two to three days before anxiety is likely to be induced.”

The VetSpec range includes ‘Calm & Focused formula Super Premium Complete Dog Food’ and VetSpec Calm & Focused supplement, both of which help reduce fear of loud noises.

Preparation for Bonfire Night is important, too, as Nicola explains: “Think how you will keep your dog calm and safe during what can be a very stressful time. Try and treat your dog as normal but provide a safe place and allow him to hide. Keeping windows and curtains closed, and turning the volume up on the television, can reduce the sound and sight of fireworks.

“Both VetSpec Calm & Focused Supplement and Super Premium Complete Dog Food, Calm & Focused Formula, contain ingredients that offer support for anxious dogs. They will work within a few hours, however learning to relax can take longer.”

Stockists who take the time to develop a display around Bonfire Night put key products in the forefront of horse and dog owners’ minds in the run-up to what can be a stressful time for animals and humans.


22nd October, 2018.

The American Equestrian Trade Association (AETA) has pulled the plug on its January ‘19 trade show.

There will be no AETA trade show in America in January 2019.

The next edition of what’s traditionally been a twice-yearly fixture will be on 10 – 12 August, 2019 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.

“AETA will not be holding a show in January,” Jackie King, executive director of AETA, told ETN.

Exhibitors at this year’s latest AETA, held in Philadelphia in August, gave the show mixed reviews. Several said that twice a year was too often.

This August’s AETA event was the first under new management. King Management Group was appointed by the trade association to run the show earlier this year.

As usual, the trade only event hosted English and Western merchandise, plus the opportunity to network with industry experts and attend educational sessions.

But a lack of support from retailers prompted questions about its frequency.


19th October, 2018.

Popular personality takes on a new role.

Ian Mitchell has been appointed sales manager of Airowear and Charles Owen.

“After 30 years in the industry, I’ve finally got a proper job,” said Ian, a well-known figure in the trade through his sales agency work.

Ian recently travelled to Germany to collect an award for Airowear. The safety brand was runner-up in the body protection category at the Cavallo product awards, as voted for by the magazine’s readers.


15th October, 2018.

BETA International’s venue has changed hands.

Investment firm Blackstone has acquired the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) Group from LDC, the private equity arm of Lloyds Banking Group.

The NEC, near Birmingham, has been home to BETA International since 1995.

Founded in 1976 as a purpose-built exhibition centre, the NEC welcomes more than seven million guests and 750 events, such as Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) and Crufts, every year.

In 2022, the NEC is due to host nine sports as part of the Commonwealth Games.

Former owner LDC originally backed a management buyout of the NEC Group in January 2015. Since then, it has enhanced the site and its facilities with “significant capital investment.”

According to Paul Thandi, chief executive of the NEC Group, the upgrade is to continue following its acquisition.

“Blackstone’s track record in scaling companies, sector knowledge and unrivalled real estate capabilities make them the ideal new partner for NEC Group to realise the next phase of our ambitious growth strategy,” he said.

The NEC Group’s portfolio comprises the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), International Convention Centre (ICC), Genting Arena, Arena Birmingham and the Vox Conference Centre.

Additional interests include ticketing agency The Ticket Factory, hospitality brand Amplify and caterer Amadeus, plus media and sponsorship consultancy NEC Connect Group.

BETA International 2019 (20 – 22 January) will be the 25th time the show has run at the NEC.

The show is signed up to take place at the venue up to and including 2020. For more information visit


15th October, 2018.

Latest product to gain BETA’s assurance mark revealed.

Henry Bell & Co's EquiGlo Quick Soak 10 Minute Beet has been awarded the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) feed assurance mark that helps owners identify feeds suitable for horses and ponies prone to EGUS (equine gastric ulcer syndrome).

The feed - made from British-grown, non-GM sugar beet - passed the BETA scheme's three-stage application process which examines ingredients, labelling and marketing claims, plus independent laboratory analysis.

EquiGlo Quick Soak 10 Minute Beet’s packaging can now carry the feed approval mark – a red BETA logo with the wording ‘Suitable for equines prone to gastric ulcers as part of a balanced diet’.

The product already carries the BETA NOPS logo, which shows that Henry Bell & Co follows industry best-practice procedures to help minimise the risk of cross-contamination by naturally occurring prohibited substances(NOPS).

Simon Parker, of Henry Bell & Co, said: “We are thrilled that EQUIGLO has been formally recognised as a fantastic product for horses and ponies that are prone to EGUS. Its admission to BETA's prestigious feed assurance scheme is a huge endorsement of our great value-for-money, quick-soaking beet product and we couldn't be more delighted.

“The two seals of approval on our packaging are a great way to flag up quality feeds to customers and show our commitment to equine welfare.”

BETA developed its feed assurance mark for horses prone to EGUS in consultation with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD).


15th October, 2018.

“Very careful planning” enables this well-known face in the trade to compete in advanced level eventing.

Jane Buchan, marketing manager for Baileys Horse Feeds, is one of a quartet to make the short-list for Pikeur Amateur Rider of the Year.

The title is one of a series of 2018 Horse & Hound Awards.

Voting is open this week (until 18 October). The evening awards presentation is at Cheltenham Racecourse on 8 November.

Jane Buchan completed her first advanced event this year on Carleton.


15th October, 2018.

Two experienced figures will be visiting trade customers for equine licks brand.

Sharon Bull and Emma Owens have joined Horslyx.

Sharon has spent the last three years with Chillout Horsewear. She was previously with Zebra Products for seven years.

She’s covering a new Central UK area for Horslyx, looking after customers in Wales and the Midlands from Peterborough to Doncaster and across to Preston.

Sharon has ridden since she was 11, has competed in showing at county level and ridden at the Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) and Royal International Horse Show (RIHS). Nowadays, with no horse of her own, she says she begs, borrows and steals to ride regularly. Sharon is often found in the company of Bobby, her pug.

Emma Owens joins Horslyx from Millbry Hill, the multi-site retail arm of distributor Armstrong Richardson, where she was project manager.

Emma will be visiting customers in Horslyx’s new North UK area which covers Scotland and down to a line between Preston and Hull.

Emma hails from Cumbria but is currently based in Stokesley. She rides regularly, her horses being with her family, and is also busy planning her wedding to her fiancé Luke.

Having come up through the ranks of the Wyndham branch of the Pony Club, Emma now enjoys competing in British Eventing (BE).


8th October, 2018.

Wasteful paper proofs of purchase should be banished, say retail experts.

Retailers should issue e-receipts only - and bin their paper equivalents.

Every year 25 million trees are felled just to print till receipts, according to a new study from courier comparison company ParcelHero.

British retailers alone hand out 11.2 billion receipts at a cost of £32 million. But there’s no need, thanks to new retail technology.

“At a time when the Government and retailers are cracking down on environmentally damaging items such as plastic bags and cups, highly wasteful paper receipts must surely follow,” says David Jinks of ParcelHero.

Several high street retailers are already leading the way. Argos not only offers email receipts, but its paper receipts are on FSC Mix paper which is partially recycled. New Look and Zara now welcome e-receipts for returns.

But Mr Jinks strikes a note of caution: “While county courts have accepted electronic copies of receipts as legal proof of purchase for returning goods, there is still a concern amongst some retailers that electronic copies can be altered.”

However, paper receipts are no longer needed by traders for record keeping, he adds.

“Electronic receipts are increasingly popular with people who are self-employed and must keep proof of purchase for tax purposes. Long gone are the days when HMRC would only take hard copies of documentation, including receipts.”

See the full study into environmental damage caused by paper receipts, plus the imminent demise of many traditional payment methods, at:


8th October, 2018.

Production of a critical component has already begun at new facility in Staffordshire.

Premix manufacturer Premier Nutrition has invested £13.1million in a new production facility at Fradley Park in Staffordshire.

The company says its most automated factory to date brings the integrity and rigour of the consumer food industry to the animal feed industry.

Premix is a critical component in feed manufacture with product safety being paramount.

“From the global sourcing of premix ingredients to the despatch of a finished product, Premier Nutrition is committed to being leaders in risk management giving our customers confidence and peace of mind,” says Chris Rackham, general manager at Premier Nutrition.

The new factory expands the company’s production capacity by over 50,000 tonnes/year, and adds to existing facilities at its headquarters in Rugeley.

The new factory at Fradley Park has started low level production with a phased increase scheduled over the next three months.


8th October, 2018.

The hunt is on to find the best equestrian sales rep, exporter and retail employee.

Members of the trade are invited to nominate their favourites for 2019 BETA Business Awards.

Three awards categories are open to trade-only nominations – and BETA is urging retailers, distributors, manufacturers and others in the industry to put forward names they would like to be considered.

The Ceris Burns Equestrian Export Award (nomination deadline 5 December) goes to a company judged by an independent panel to show substantial and sustained increases in export activity over a three-year period.

The Equine Careers Sales Representative of the Year (nomination deadline 30 November) is open to employed or self-employed sales representatives and agents. The winner is judged to be exceptional in his or her approach to customer service.

The Weatherbeeta Group Retail Employee of the Year (nomination deadline 30 November) recognises a member of staff showing initiative, great customer service, sound product knowledge and dedication to continued professional training.

You can nominate at

The awards’ other categories are BETA Rider Award, BETA Trade Supplier of the Year, Equestrian Event of the Year supported by Henson Franklyn, SEIB Retailer of the Year, Stubbs England Nutritional Helpline, TSM Social Media Award and BETA Lifetime Achievement Award.

Winners of the 2019 BETA Business Awards will be announced during the BETA Gala Dinner, at the National Motorcycle Museum, near Birmingham, on Monday, 21 January.


8th October, 2018.

At just 15, this talented rider became the youngest ever winner of the class everyone wants to win.

Oliver Tuff, whose grandparents John and Louise Tuff and uncle Ben Tuff are the family behind Redpost Equestrian retail store in Devon, was victorious in the Equitop Myoplast Foxhunter final at the Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) on Thursday (4 October).

Oliver (15) took the title to win with Darino B, a 10-year-old bay gelding, emulating the likes of past winners Nick Skelton, John Whitaker, Harvey Smith and David Broome.

The son of international showjumper Justin Tuff (Ben’s brother), Oliver is based with him and his mother Beth at their yard near Totnes.

ETN September issue reported on Oliver becoming an Equipe sponsored rider. HOYS Thursday was a good day at the office for the saddle brand’s team with Charlotte Dujardin on winning form too.

The Olympic champion made it a hattrick when she took the Dressage Future Elite Championship for a third year, this time with Florentina V1.

“Since Oliver joined our fantastic team of riders under the Equipe brand, he’s been on excellent form. To win the Foxhunter final at just 15-years-old is amazing,” said Simon Middleton of Zebra Products, UK distributor of Equipe. “When it comes to Charlotte - what do we say?”


1st October, 2018.

An impressive line-up of speakers has been assembled for this month’s BETA Conference.

The 2018 BETA (British Equestrian Trade Association) AGM and Conference takes place at the De Vere Staverton Estate Hotel, near Daventry, Northamptonshire, on Monday 29 October.

Trade and retail delegates are invited to attend to hear a panel of expert speakers presenting on the theme of Time to Grow. The AGM, held at the start of the day, is for BETA members only. The rest of the conference is open to all and is an excellent networking opportunity.

Speakers include an update on the economy from Tim Knight, of St James’s Place Wealth Management; understanding market segmentation in the equine sector with Anna Hall, of the BEF; controlling business risk with Helen Barge, of Risk Evolves; Brexit and beyond with political affairs consultant John Arnold; and the future of retailing with Clara Kellock, of Citrus Lime.

Bookings are now being taken for the conference. Delegates who are interested in staying over the night before can secure preferential rates for bed-and-breakfast and a place at BETA's 40th Anniversary Celebratory Dinner.

For further information or to book, contact Philippa Macintosh, telephone 01937 587062 or email


1st October, 2018.

This month’s ETN/Society of Master Saddlers (SMS) Saddle Fitter of the Month worked with a manufacturer to create a saddle for international para-dressage rider Rowan Crosby.

Stephanie Bradley, who runs Chester based Freedom Saddlery, is the ETN/SMS Saddle Fitter of the Month for October.

Stephanie was nominated for the award by Helen Stone of Utopia Saddlemakers with whom she recently worked on a special saddle for international para-dressage rider Rowan Crosby.

You can read more about Stephanie’s career change from banker to saddle fitter, and her own achievements in the dressage arena, in the October issue of ETN.

The ETN Saddle Fitter of the Month award, presented in conjunction with the Society of Master Saddlers (SMS), recognises those whose good practise is making a difference to horses, riders and the saddlery industry.

• To nominate a saddle fitter who deserves to win, email


1st October, 2018.

More retailers are reviewing their online presence following new legislation.

Online retailers are increasingly seeking legal advice about their terms and conditions of sale (T&Cs).

Law firm Howes Percival says it’s seen a “significant increase” in e-commerce instructions since the introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) in May.

The hike is due to retailers reviewing their online presence in the light of the new legislation, lawyers believe.

"Terms and conditions of sale are often seen as a necessity rather than something that actually adds value to a business, but this couldn't be further from the truth,” says Miles Barnes, corporate and commercial solicitor at Howes Percival.

Read his checklist for e-commerce businesses in the October issue of ETN.


1st October, 2018.

Publisher unveils some new deals to advertisers who double up.

In a first for Equestrian Trade News (ETN) and BETA International, show exhibitors can claim discounts on their catalogue advertising when they promote in the magazine.

The 2019 running of BETA International sees the show’s 40th anniversary. While ETN, published from the same offices as the show organising team, also celebrates four decades in business next year.

“We’re marking the occasion by offering cross-over deals to BETA International exhibitors who advertise in ETN and the show catalogue,” explained ETN’s Beth Crow, who’s working on both titles.

“The bigger a company’s advert in the magazine, the more discount they get when promoting in the catalogue,” she added.

ETN is the long-standing official media partner of BETA International. But it’s the first time space in the magazine and catalogue have been sold with special packages available.

ETN also offers invites BETA International exhibitors to get involved with editorial coverage in the magazine’s show preview January issue.

“Exhibiting at BETA International is an important investment for any company,” says Beth. “So we urge all exhibitors to explore every opportunity to gain maximum exposure for themselves before, during and after the show – and I’m very happy to help make it happen.”

Contact Beth Crow on +44 1937 582111 or email